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Treatdamp have supplied damp-proofing products and waterproofing materials to the Trade & DIY for over 20 years.

Supplying the complete DRYZONE range of products, Dryzone Cream, Dryrod, Drybase Liquid DPM, StormDry masonry protection cream, Oldroyd damp proofing plaster/waterproof membranes systems.

Dryzone cream the first damp-proofing injection cream on the market manufactured by Safeguard Europe the market leaders in research & development and manufacturers of high performance waterproofing products. High performance damp-proofing injection cream for the treatment of rising damp, Dryzone has been the best performing injection cream and favoured choice of many damp-proofing specialists since its launch over 10 years ago and now the new DRYROD launched in 2015 is set to revolutionise the damp-proofing industry again.

Whatever your project, from waterproofing damp wall and floors to damp-proofing solutions, we have a wide range of products for rising damp repairs including damp-proof membranes and associated damp-proofing materials to enable you to solve and stop the problem.

Water damage to timbers and masonry also causes the greatest damage of all “DRY ROT” and if not eradicated as soon as it is found, the cost of damp-proofing a house or building will escalate out of hand. Dry Rot repairs are difficult to estimate and to kill dry rot can be complicated and requires a great deal of thought to eradicate. Wet rot and wood worm infestation also require immediate treatment, we have the Fast Track, Soluguard and ProBors wood treatment products in stock for all wet rot, dry rot and wood burrowing worm treatments.

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