Microsilan DPC Injection Fluid

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Microsilan DPC Injection Fluid

Microsilan DPC Injection Fluid

Microsilan DPC Injection Fluid

Microsilan is a new, hybrid, silicone-based concentrate which, when diluted and injected into masonry, forms a chemical damp-proof course. Microsilan utilises novel water-based silane technology, which results in a high performance, low odour injection fluid.

Microsilan has a multi-component formulation which means that it develops initial water-repellency quickly, but also allows further diffusion to form a more evenly distributed damp-proof course. Further advantages include:
  • BBA Approved
  • Non-Flammable
  • Enhanced Spread Characteristics
  • Faster Injection Times Than Conventional DPC Fluids

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£46.11 Exc VAT, £55.33 Inc VAT

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