Dryzone Rising Damp Cream (DPC)

Flaking paint, peeling wallpaper, a musty odour, and timber decay are among the most common symptoms of rising damp. Failure to treat rising damp properly can result in a house that is unpleasant to live in and difficult to sell, so it is important to choose an effective method of treatment. Dryzone is a special damp-proofing cream available in 600 ml and 310 ml cartridges that is introduced along the mortar course at regular intervals by injecting it into pre-drilled holes. The Dryzone then diffuses before curing to form a continuous water-repellent barrier. This prevents the damp from rising up the wall. Other manufacturers have attempted to replicate this original product's effectiveness, however test show they have done so without success

For more detailed information on how and why rising damp happens in your home see the rising damp treatment guide under the information menu on the left or click HERE for a detailed Guide to the Control of Rising Dampness

Replastering following the insertion of a damp-proof course
It should be noted that the replastering is just as important as the insertion of the damp-proof course and care must be exercised when carrying out the works. it is not possible to remove the damp completely with out the removal of the old plaster.
You have three options:-
1) Replaster with sand & cement incorporating Renderguard Gold .
3) Drylining using Cavity Drainage Membranes.