Oldroyd 'Xp' Plaster Membrane

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Oldroyd 'Xp' Plaster Membrane (Plaster Lath) is a studded polypropylene waterproofing membrane with a special mesh welded to one side. It is fixed to damp, contaminated walls using Oldroyd Plaster Plugs, with the studs facing the wall. This creates an air-gap which allows the wall to breathe whilst blocking the passage of moisture. On the reverse side of the membrane, the special mesh can be plastered onto, allowing a dry plaster finish to be achieved without the risk of contamination from any damp or salts in the wall.

Available: 40 sq mtr rolls (2mtr x 20mts) and a plaster P kit containing everything you need to cover 7.5m2

Kit includes -1.5m x 5m roll of Oldroyd Plaster P membrane, 100 x Oldroyd Plaster Plugs with Seal, 6m Roll of Oldroyd Sealing Tape.

Typical areas of application include

* Covering damp & contaminated walls
* Basement conversion projects
* Barn conversion projects
* Protection against penetrating damp


Oldroyd "Xp" is hung vertically on the wall and is fixed into place using specially designed plaster plugs.

Joints are sealed using Double-sided sealing tape. A plaster finish is then applied in accordance with good practice.

Oldroyd 'Xp' can be used above or below ground, however, we recommend that our technical department is consulted before using the product below ground.

Oldroyd 'Xp' Plaster Membrane is especially useful in situations where a damp wall is contaminated by salts or the residue of previous attempts to waterproof the wall (such as bitumen). Unlike cementitious, epoxy, or bitumen coatings, Oldroyd P can be applied directly to contaminated surfaces with minimal preparation.

As an alternative to a plaster finish, plasterboard can be applied directly to Oldroyd 'Xp'. The plasterboard is attached to the Oldroyd 'Xp' by applying dabs of bonding compound to the heads of the Oldroyd Plaster Plugs that are used to attach the membrane to the wall. Consideration should also be made to the use of Oldroyd Xv Clear membrane which can be used in conjunction with the Fastframe Drylining System and requires fewer fixings.

7.5 meter Kit

Data Sheet (oldroyd_p_plaster_membrane.pdf, 104 Kb) [Download]

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