Osmo wood wax finishes provide stunning results

16 Oct 2019
by Adam Downey

Why you need Osmo Wood Stains and Finishes

If you want to achieve stunning results and protect your woodwork at the same time, Osmo is the brand you can trust. With their natural wood stains made from plant oils and waxes, as well as specialist finishes and cleaners, Osmo products offer a beautiful transparent finish that enhances the natural grain of your wood. Not only this but they're also durable, protecting your wood from moisture and wear, and Osmo products are eco-friendly, made with natural, sustainable ingredients that are safe for you, your pets, and the planet. They're easy to use, making them perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. So, whether you're working on an interior or exterior project, give Osmo products a try and experience the difference for yourself.

We offer an extensive collection of products designed for enhancing and completing woodwork projects. Our product line includes a variety of interior wood finishes and hard wax oils, as well as Osmo natural wood stains, why not check it out on our Osmo brand products page.

Osmo Wood Stains

Our selection of Osmo Wood Stains includes both interior and exterior options, perfect for achieving a beautiful transparent finish on your wood. Whether you're preparing, laying, or decorating your wood, our Osmo Wood Stains are sure to provide that extra aesthetic boost you're looking for. With exceptional results and superior quality, Osmo Wood Stains are among the best products on the market for finishing wood.

What's on offer?

With a wide variety of wood stains available, the Osmo collection has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for indoor stains to bring some life into your wooden floors or furniture, or looking for stains to give both aesthetic and protection to your exterior wooden structures, Osmo has you covered. 

Some of our favourite wood stains include the Opaque Gloss Wood Stain for interior and exterior use, and the Natural Oil Woodstain intended for exterior use, the first giving a beautiful shine to your wooden structures and furnitures alike, and the second bringing out the natural beauty of the wood itself, its grain and colour accentuated by this amazing product. Both are made for high coverage, requiring only two coats, and both being particularly budget friendly at £30 and £24 respectively.

Osmo Wood Finishes and Oils

Osmo doesn’t just specialise in Stains, but so much more. Their wood finishes and oil are some of the most useful in the market, with a huge variety of purposes filled by a wide variety of different high-quality products! 

One great option is Osmo’s UV Protection Oil Tints, specifically designed to handle harsh sunlight and keep the wood underneath safe from bleaching. It gives the equivalent of UV protection factor 12 to your wood, but also contains anti fungal, algae and mould ingredients to prevent any form of unwanted growth on your structure. To top it all off, it is highly water repellent, helping prevent damp from affecting your structure!

If you are looking for interior oils, Osmo can help. There are a wide variety of products available to help, from their Top Oil, perfect for giving a clean matt finish to any worktop, to their Door Oil, something to keep all the internal joinery of your doors healthy and strong! Not just these but their Polyx Oil is great as a surface finish. It both enhances the natural grain of the wood, as well as being resistant to dirt, water, wine, abrasion, coffee and fruit juices, keeping your surfaces clean and pristine!

Osmo Wood Waxes and Finishes

Osmo also has a range of wood waxes. Their transparent wood waxes provide a transparent finish to internal woodwork. Oil/wax based and microporous, it keeps the wood elastic and healthy while improving its aesthetics. Some of their best options include:

  • Osmo Transparent Wax Finish - producing both a rich satin finish and enhancing the natural colouring and grain of the wood below!
  • Osmo Intensive Wax Finish - best for protecting the wood below whilst giving the surface or furniture that natural wax feel!
  • Osmo Spray Wax - Free from formaldehyde and with its natural oil/wax based formula, this water repellent wax is great for any furniture!
  • Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax - Especially designed for end grain, this sealant prevents water absorption, swelling and discolouration!
  • Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner - perfect for reviving oiled or lacquered timber, as well as reviving the wax satin feel that may have been lost over time, and great for wax maintenance overall!

Osmo’s Paints and Other Related Products

Osmo also has a great paint option in the Country Colour paint! The Osmo Country Colour natural oil paint is available in 18 different rich colours! This product is ideal for all exterior wood aesthetic uplifting, as well as all protection requirements. It is durable and long lasting, and is tested in particularly harsh conditions to make it as high quality as possible! We strongly recommend this product! Not just this but Osmo provides a few great extra options for woodwork, including their cleaners, gel reviver and tools to make the job that much easier.

The Osmo Decking Cleaner is one of the best super concentrated cleaners for all your exterior decking needs. Effectively cleaning away grime, dirt and unwanted growths, it is perfect for making your decking look as new as the day it was first set. Not just that but it is also highly effective on wooden garden furniture! Their line of tools are also great when it comes to speeding up the cleaning, oiling, waxing or painting process. With rollers, sprays and floor brushes available, it's hard to go wrong with one of their great tools!


The Osmo line of products is extremely wide and varied, with something for everyone to be found. From waxes to paints to cleaners, Osmo provides some of the best quality products money can buy. For all your wood care needs, we strongly suggest you check out the options Osmo can provide, for your sake, and your woods sake!