Protecting and enhancing your interior wood

13 Mar 2020
by Dan Downey

Protecting and enhancing interior wood with the right choice of product will help keep it looking great for years and years. Protecting your wooden floors, wooden doors, and furniture is an investment in their future, but you still need to make sure to get the best value for money. One way to achieve this is to apply our interior wood finishes, which are specially designed for use on indoor wooden products. We have the widest selection of products available from all the leading brands (Fiddes, Osmo, Blanchon, Woca, Liberon, Rustins and Chestnut), which means we have something to suit every taste and style, so you can achieve the finish you want. We also stock a range of eco-friendly interior wood finishes as well as products, especially for woodturning.

There are various different options available for your interior wood, including

Stains and dyes

Stains and dyes will help to bring definition to the grain of your wood, enhancing its natural appearance. Stains allow you to alter the colour of the wood without losing the appearance of the grain, as would happen with painting. You may choose to stain a wooden item to match a particular type of wood or to add colour to fit in with other features of your room. You may be surprised how many interior wood stain colours there are to choose from (our own Village Green interior wood stain comes in 30 variations).

Choose from water-based, oil-based or spirit-based dyes but make sure to check that the one you choose will work with the type of top coat finish you choose. If in doubt, contact us for some advice.


Waxing your furniture and other interior wood surfaces will provide a protective barrier against scratches and stains and will produce an attractive sheen on the surface of the wood.

Choose from our range of wax polishes (available as a paste or liquid). Remember, not all wax polishes are suitable for all purposes, so be sure to check the recommendations in the product descriptions or, as always, talk to one of our experts by email, phone or in-store.

Glazes and varnishes

A coating of varnish applied with a good quality brush will provide long-lasting protection against knocks and scratches while enhancing the appearance of the wood. Heavy-duty varnishes are available for use on wooden floors and working surfaces.

French polish

If you want a really impressive finish on your furniture, this is the way to go. French polishing produces a high-gloss shine and deep, rich colour. We always have polishes, vandyke crystals, shellac flakes, pigment powders, brushes, cloths and other accessories in stock.

Oil Finishes

Oil finishes have been enjoying a real surge in popularity over the last few years (even though they have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years). They produce great results and are straightforward to use on wooden doors and floors, panelling, wooden staircases or windows.

With over 200 products from all the trusted wood care brands in stock, you are bound to find something suitable for your project.

Expert wood care advice

These are just a few of the various products we have available in our online shop, but there are many more ways to achieve the results you are looking for on your interior wood. If you have a specific look you want to achieve or a more challenging project in mind, please get in touch or visit us in our Bidford on Avon store, and we will do all we can to provide you with the interior wood finishes you need. We also have products designed for exterior use, so you can successfully protect all your wooden items.