Wood fillers, Wax sticks and repairing cracks & holes

22 Nov 2019
by Adam Downey

How to repair wood

Are you looking for tips on how to repair wood? Wood repair products are essential for maintaining the integrity and appearance of various wooden items in and around your home. Without proper maintenance, wood can easily become cracked and damaged, compromising the structure and increasing the risk of further damage. External items are particularly vulnerable to the elements, as wet and freezing conditions can cause larger cracks and holes. To address these issues, specialist wood fillers can be used to effectively treat the affected areas, restoring the item's strength and appearance. We have a variety of wood repair products in stock to help you keep your wooden items looking and functioning their best.

How wood can deteriorate over time

Without proper care, wood will deteriorate and decay over time. This can happen both inside and outside the home, and will lead to unwanted cracks, holes, and even structural damage. Exposure to the elements, pests, or general deterioration will all contribute to this process. Fortunately, there are products available that can help repair and prevent further damage to your wooden items. Whether you need fillers, coatings or stoppings, we have solutions that can help you keep your wooden items in great shape for years to come. 

The Types of Wood Repair Products 

There are many options catering for all types of wood, level of damage, or budget. Some of the key types of wood repair products are:

Specialist Wood Fillers

Specialist wood fillers are a must-have for repairing imperfections on wooden items. Whether it's a small hole or a medium-sized crack, our range of wood fillers can help restore your item to its former glory. The great thing about these products is that they seamlessly blend in with the surrounding wood once applied and dried, making it hard to tell that any repair work was even done. They can be sanded down, drilled, screwed, stained and more, essentially functioning just like real wood. Why not check out our section on all our wood fillers.

One of our favourite options are wax filler sticks. Wax stick fillers are great for repairing small cracks and holes in finished wood furniture. They are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, making it easy to match the colour of the filler to the colour of the furniture. With our competitive prices and fast shipping, repairing your wooden items has never been easier.

Wood Oil Products

Wood oils with protective properties are used to treat and safeguard wooden surfaces against weathering and UV damage while enhancing their natural beauty and longevity. Osmo UV Protection Oil is one such product, creating a clear and transparent finish that is resistant to damage. Unlike wood stoppers, these oils are not meant to fill gaps or holes but rather to revive, preserve the wood's characteristics and/or prevent further damage. Osmo UV Protection Oil can come in tints to help match your decor and provides a durable and long-lasting finish suitable for a wide range of wooden surfaces, be it outdoor furniture or indoor flooring. It is a reliable choice for anyone looking to protect their wood.

Two Part Wood Fillers

Two-part wood fillers consist of two separate components that need to be mixed together before use. They are ideal for repairing larger holes and cracks in wood and can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. Two-part wood fillers are usually made from epoxy and provide a durable, long-lasting repair solution. They can also be sanded, stained, and painted once dried. 

We keep a stock of Metolux one and two part wood fillers, available for filling large and small repairs and for staining post-application. Both products are easy to apply, and we sell an additional Speedset Hardener to assist with drying. We also have Osmo wood fillers and Liberon wood fillers in stock in a range of colours for internal and external applications.

Keeping your wood in good condition

If you want to keep your wooden items in good condition, you need to maintain and repair them regularly. Without care, wood will develop cracks and holes, which can weaken the structure and increase the risk of further damage. That's why we offer a range of wood repair products to help you fix any issues with any and all of your wooden items, from structure to furniture and everything in between. Our wood fillers can be used for comprehensive repairs, while our filler sticks are perfect for smaller fixes. Whatever your needs, we offer competitive prices and fast shipping to make the process as easy as possible.