Treating interior timbers

16 Dec 2019
by Adam Downey

Treating interior timbers

Wooden furnishings, wooden flooring and other features like banisters and exposed roof beams all add character and atmosphere to any home. The fact that the materials are natural means you feel closer to nature, and you also get the advantage of unique graining, resulting in a one of a kind aesthetic effect. Wood also makes rooms feel warmer and more welcoming. Treating interior timbers with the correct products will help to bring out the natural attributes of the wood while adding protection which will keep them looking incredible for years.

Timber protection

When it comes to wooden floors wooden doors and other features, you need to ensure they are given the best protection. Dust and moisture can damage wood, and surfaces can also get scratched and damaged over time. To protect timbers, you should ensure they are cleaned and treated regularly.

Polishing and waxing interior wood

Your interior wood care protection plan will often include polishing and waxing. Polish and wax provide a hard wearing finish which enhances the natural appearance of the wood. With every manufacturer using a different formulation of wax and solvent making each product suitable for different uses. Beeswax (such as Liberon Liquid Beeswax or Fiddes Mellow Wax)  and canuba wax are natural product which will differ in performance and finish in comparison to a synthetic paraffin wax for example and will be more suitable of staircases, doors rather than chairs or kitchen surfaces. The consistency of the product can also be a factor in your choice: a liquid wax will normally be more suitable for treating larger areas, whereas a something like Liberon Beeswax Clear Paste is more suitable for smaller areas and furniture. As we always say, if in doubt we are very happy to make recommendations if you get in touch.

Wood stains and varnishes for indoor use

Alternatively, you can stain, varnish, lacquer or glaze them if you want to add a protective yet highly decorative layer. Varnish is a barrier treatment and is an excellent protection against damage from heat, impact and staining. Lookd for products such as Polyvine Decorators Varnish with built in UV protection to prevent fading (you can use this on all sorts of surfaces, not just wood). We also sock hard wearing varnishes specifically to protect wooden floors - Liberon High Resistance Floor Varnish is ideal for high traffic areas and is available in clear satin or matt finishes.

Wood stains are ideal if you want to add some colour to your interior. You will find wood stain colour charts included with most of our products. If you are in the area (Warwickshire, Worcesteshire near Stratford on Avon), you can drop in and see samples in person by visiting our Bidford on Avon store.

Remember, you can add a surface finish to stained wood but the finish you choose will need to be compatible with the stain. Ask one of our wood care experts which ones work best with your choice.

Choosing interior wood finishes

As there are so many options available when choosing interior wood finishes, there are several key things to consider when selecting the right product for your project: 

  • The amount of protection required (consider protecting from UV as well as knocks and wear)
  • The type of finish
  • The size of the area to be covered
  • The time that the product needs to cure - especially important for wooden floors and other surfaces such as staircase banisters that will need to be touchable and durable very quickly
  • The conditions required when using them. For example, some should only be used in well ventilated areas because of the strong smells

Call one of our team on 01789 778628 during shop hours if you need advice.

Buying wood care products

You won’t find a better selection of wood care products from tried and trusted brands (we stock Osmo, Chestnut, Fiddes, Blanchon, Woca, Liberon, Rustins, Junckers, ISF and more). We make it easy for customers to find the interior wood finishes they need, particularly when it comes to interior timbers. Whether you're looking to reinvigorate old timber features, preserve or protect floors or make wooden furnishings easier to clean, you can find the products you require with us. We also stock brushes, scrapers, tape and other essential wood care accessories and abrasives.