Dry / Wet Rot & Woodworm Treatments

Timber is an extremely versatile construction material that has been used for thousands of years. While some types of timber are extremely durable, most of the timber used today are susceptible to decay if left untreated. They can become affected by woodworm or if allowed to become damp, dry rot or wet rot causing structural problems.

Our ProBor, Fastrack and Soluguard wood preservative ranges are suitable for the use in the treatment of both woodworm and dry rot / wet rots.

ProBor products are based on a water soluble naturally occurring borate, a timber preservative that has been extensively researched over the past 50 years. Borates offer an alternative to conventional preservatives such as the Permethrin based Fastrack Range and exhibit superb penetration into damp timber, hence they can be used in high risk areas such as embedded joist ends, lintels, wall plates etc.