Renderguard Gold

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Renderguard Gold is a high-specification plaster additive that forms an integral part of the Safeguard Damp-proofing System (BBA Certificate Number 97/3363).

Following the installation of a remedial damp-proof course (using Dryzone damp-proofing cream) correct re-plastering is of the utmost importance. Even though the damp-proof course is effective, hygroscopic salts introduced by the rising damp will cause moisture to be attracted to the wall. This causes further dampness and decorative spoiling, giving the impression that the damp-proof course has not been successful. It is for this reason that the old plaster must be removed and re-plastered (incorporating Renderguard Gold) following the installation of a damp-proof course, this new plaster must perform two functions:

* It must prevent the passage of residual moisture reaching the decorative surface during the drying process.
* It must prevent the passage of hygroscopic salts from the underlying masonry to the new decorative surface in order to prevent further spoiling.

When used as an additive to a 3:1 sand-cement render, Renderguard Gold will fulfil these requirements provided that the specification is strictly adhered to.

Where the use of a hard sand/cement render is not desirable, another option is to cover the wall using Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane. This allows a wider range of plasters to be used.

Pack size 4L and 25L

4 Litres

Data Sheet (renderguard_gold.pdf, 29 Kb) [Download]

safety data sheet (msds_safeguard_renderguard_gold.pdf, 73 Kb) [Download]

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