Lignum Pro I 62.5 Insect Concentrate 1L

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Professional Woodworm Treatment Lignum Pro I62.5 is a professional concentrated product containing an insecticide to eradicate and prevent attack by wood boring beetles. It is highly effective against all life stages of woodboring insects and woodworm. The formulation is water-based producing a Non-flammable, quick drying product containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It has virtually no odour. How Insecticides Work Microemulsion technology allows the active ingredient Permethrin to penetrate deep into the timber. The pyrethroid insecticide is proven to work against a wide range of woodboring insects. How to Apply Concentrated Woodworm Killer Preparation: Ensure the wood is clean and free from dust and all contaminants. Application: The concentrated product is diluted with water. You can then apply with either a low pressure spray or brush to provide long lasting protection. Depending on wood and ambient conditions, it should be touch dry in one hour. After 24 hours, you should be able to overcoat the product again depending on conditions.

Coverage: 1L of concentrate treats 82.5 - 125m2 of timber depending on use.

Preventative: 200ml/m2 (1L per 5m2 ) Curative: 300ml/m2 (1L per 3.3m2 )

Data Sheet (Lignum_PRO162.5_Insecticide_Data_Sheet.pdf, 807 Kb) [Download]

safety data sheet (Lignum_PRO162.5_Insecticide_Data_Sheet_4r19-d6.pdf, 807 Kb) [Download]

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